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Enviro-Pave Inc. is a division of Automated Recycling Systems Inc. (ARS)

ARS has invested many years in the development of the Enviro-Pave product line and would be open to offers from an existing manufacturer of construction equipment through either a technology transfer or an outright sale of their patented technology, preferably providing product and service for the world market.

The  Enviro-paver and preheater designs are based heavily on Caterpillar® OEM parts, Sauer Danfoss hydraulic pumps and PLUS+1® programmable hardware/components and Poclain hydraulic motors.

ARS would be able to provide the following services for the transfer of technology:

  • New patent material (ARS writes all its own patents which includes drawings)

  • Drawings and hydraulic schematics for the  hydraulic system and custom manifolds for the travel/main mill (drive), pug mill, screed control and rake control hydraulic circuits

  • Electrical and programming statement of work (SOW) for all sub assemblies

  • Autodesk® Inventor Pro 3D drawings for all mechanical assemblies, machining, profile cutting and parts manuals

  • Supervision of assembly, testing and set up

  • Training of personnel and customers 

The Enviro-pavershown in the images below are of the third generation R1015. The latest design is the R1015A and is not being shown in this presentation, as a number of new innovations have been incorporated, for which there will be patent applications.

Some of the new innovations are:


  • The heating system (heater box) is now fitted with redesigned heating elements and an electronically controlled and monitored emission control system. This also applies to the preheaters.

  • The transportation system is now integrated into the design. No more clip-on transportation units!

  • A single, central asphalt conveyor, reducing weight, is now integrated into the design.

  • The mainframe is now designed to accept pin-on modules at the front and rear ends. This allows the R1015A to be configured for different applications.

  • The R1015A can now be controlled by wireless remote controls. 

  • All electronic control and monitoring systems are off-the-shelf components from Sauer Danfoss.

  • The  R1015A was designed using Autodesk Inventor Pro. The weight of the Enviro-paver has been reduced by the use  of extensive stress analysis for all major mechanical structures.

  • The  R1015A is a pin-on, modular design. Most of the modules are fitted with integrated hydraulic and electronic controls. This allows each module to be tested and set up before being attached to the R1015A's mainframe. This feature also allows for faster servicing and troubleshooting in the field.

  • Hydraulic system design has been simplified by the modular design structure.

  • On-board rejuvenator capacity has been increased to 1000 US gallons.

  • An on-board electric generator has been incorporated to supply power to the screed heaters, rejuvenator tanks and night working lights.

  • An ARS designed screed, designed specifically for hot in-place recycling, is available as an option. It features automated electric screed plate heating, adjustable main and extension screed strike-off plates, adjustable vibration on all screed plates and a low profile design for better operator viewing of the recycling process.

For greater detail on the technology, please refer to the "Patent" section. Pat. 6,769,836   Pat.6939079   Pat.7077601

The following are images of the Enviro-paver R1015. Images 3 to 5 were taken in the USA and show what is possible by 100% hot in-place recycling in a parking lot with grass growing through two inches of crumbling asphalt, using one preheater and the heating system (heater box) of the R1015. Rejuvenator fluid was the only addition. 

Enviropaver R1015 Hot In-place Asphalt (HIP) Recycler

Enviro-paver R1015 front end showing front asphalt hopper, propane tank and heater box.

Enviropaver R1015, showing rakes, extension mills, main mill and rear drive wheel

Enviro-paver R1015. Shown are the pug mill, main mill, extension mills, rakes, grade skis and rear end of the heater box.

Enviropaver R1015 showing the pug mill and milled surface after the extension and main mills

Enviro-paver R1015. Shown are the pug mill and main mill processing asphalt at a speed of 15 ft/min.

Enviropaver R1015 showing the heated asphalt windrow exiting the pug mill

Enviro-paver R1015. Shown are the rear drive wheels, asphalt surge bin's vertical elevator, auger/divider and Caterpillar screed. Only rejuvenator fluid has been added to the reworked/recycled asphalt.

Enviropaver R1015 Hot In-place Asphalt (HIP) Recycler. 100% recycled asphalt. Only rejuvenator fluid added

Two inches of crumbling asphalt, with grass growing through it, transformed by adding only rejuvenator fluid

Enviropaver R1015 shown in the transportation mode. No trailer required.

Transportation of the Enviro-paver R1015. No float (trailer) is required. The Enviro-pave preheaters also require no floats to transport. Very little hookup time is required to move the equipment to a safe location at the end of the day. 

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