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Bio: Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd is president of Automated Recycling System Inc. (ARS) and Enviro-Pave Inc. (a division of ARS, exclusively for hot in-place asphalt recycling technology and equipment) and has over fifty five (55) years of experience in the agricultural, construction and automotive industries. 

Peter worked for Crothers Ltd. (now Toromont Industries Ltd.) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 1974 to 1988, where he was manager of training & product development (engineering). He was responsible for the following:

  • Design and development of construction equipment used in forestry and construction

  • Design and development of hydraulic systems for the above equipment

  • Technical communication between Crothers Ltd. and Caterpillar's engineering departments

  • Planning and implementation of companywide training for Sales', Parts & Service, and Service departments

  • Planning and implementation of customer training

  • Teaching of advanced courses in engines, hydraulics, electrical, power trains, power production, marine propulsion and paving products ​       


While working for Crothers Ltd., Peter became involved in the road paving industry and resigned his position in 1988 to pursue the development of hot in-place asphalt recycling equipment. In 1991 he established his own company, Automated Recycling Systems Inc. (ARS). Over the next 20 years he designed, built and operated hot in-place asphalt recycling equipment throughout Canada and the U.S.A.  


Over the years, ARS has designed, developed and marketed systems and equipment not only for asphalt paving, but also for use in the heavy construction, foundation work and recycling sectors. Peter not only designs, and in some cases patents, systems and equipment, but is also instrumental in the building, setup and testing of the prototypes and production machines.

Peter has extensive mechanical, hydraulic and electronic control experience in mobile equipment design. 

He also trains the mechanical staff on systems' operations and troubleshooting, and equipment operators on proper operating and maintenance procedures.



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