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       Concrete Face Mill & Helical Pile Driver 

Marson Machining Ltd.




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The ARS helical pile driver and the face mill along with custom adapters can be purchased  from Marson Machining LTD.


The ARS concrete face mill and helical pile driver is a rugged, hydraulic drive unit that attaches to a hydraulic excavator's stick assembly or mechanical quick-coupler. Various adapters can be designed to attach and drive all types of helical piles into the ground. Maximum rotational drive torque is 24,300 lb/ft @ 5000 psi. with a maximum pressure rating of 6500 psi. Rotational speed can be up to 110 RPM (depends on the hydraulic oil flow from the excavator). When helical piles require a specific installation torque, the drive unit's hydraulic pressure can be monitored and in some cases, be set to limit installation torque. This torque/pressure ratio can be verified by fitting a torque measuring wireless transmitter to the drive unit's output.

When the drive unit is being used as a face mill, the hydraulic specifications remain the same as above.

A typical application, as shown in the images below, is the milling of concrete retaining walls using tieback construction. The milling head can pivot (left & right) hydraulically, allowing the mill's rotating cutting head to stay parallel to the wall's face as the excavator swings. The cutter head feature replaceable carbide bits.  



Shown is the ARS hydraulic drive unit attached to a Caterpillar 321D excavator and a continuous flight helical pile.



A continuous flight helical pile driven into the ground. Torque is being verified using a strain gauge and wireless transmitter mounted to an engineered torque adapter.

20130619_084455 - Copy.jpg


Shown is the hydraulic drive unit fitted with the concrete milling head and mounted to its storage stand.

misc 015 - Copy.jpg


Shown is the concrete mill cutting a slot in a retaining wall's concrete face.



Shown is a tieback installation. The milled pockets have been cut into the secant pile concrete wall by the face mill, shown in the video below.


Shown is a tieback installation. A milled pocket is being cut into the secant pile concrete wall by the face mill.

MS50 MILL AS_edited.jpg


Shown is the latest ARS concrete mill. 19" (482.6mm) pin spread, 3.150" (80mm) pin diameter, 12.125" (308mm) attachment width. Designed to fit Cat B linkage pin grabbers. 85-95 GPM @ 5000 psi. (322-360 L/min @ 345 Bar.)

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