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      Casing Manipulator Assembly

The ARS casing manipulator assembly is designed primarily for the safe handling of sectional casings or any other tubular pipe.


ARS would be open to offers from an existing manufacturer of construction equipment through either a technology transfer or an outright sale of the technology, preferably providing product and service for the world market.

ARS would be able to provide the following services for the transfer of technology:

  • Drawings and schematics for the hydraulic system

  • Autodesk® Inventor Pro 3D drawings for all mechanical assemblies, machining, profile cutting and parts manuals

  • Supervision of assembly, testing and set up

  • Training of personnel and customers

The prototype unit, shown in the images and video below, is designed to grab and lock on to sectional casings that range in size from 1000mm to 1300mm with a gripping force of 23,400 lbs @ 3400 psi. Two hydraulic cylinders are used to rotate the casings 110 degrees from a horizontal to a vertical position.


The casing manipulator is ideally suited to construction sites or yard operations where large quantities of casings are handled and repaired. On site, the casing manipulator can be used to safely shuttle casings to and from the drill rig, reducing the possibility of soil contaminating the casing's bolted joints. The casing can be safely and securely rotated from the horizontal to the vertical position, allowing the drill  rig's casing drive adapter (CDA) to attach to the casing without the casing touching the ground. 


The casing manipulator assembly is designed to fit telehandlers and hydraulic excavators, fitted with quick coupler systems.

The high gripping force is accomplished by the unique hydraulic/mechanical linkage that conforms to the outer diameter (OD) of the casing. The linkage is comprised of two hydraulically operated and mechanical pivoting arm assemblies with replaceable die plates which bite into the casing's OD. An accumulator in the hydraulic circuit allows the high gripping force to be retained for hours at a time, even when the power unit is not running.

The prototype ARS casing manipulator has been in operation since 2016 with no mechanical or hydraulic breakdowns. However, the following product improvement will be implemented into the production units:

  1. Revised linkage geometry for the hydraulically activated linkages

  2. Rubber bumper springs added to the mainframe's linkage contact points

  3. Revised outer grab arm assembly with front flex tube assembly

Marson Machining Ltd.




Phone: 416-746-6903

FAX:      416-746-8870


The casing manipulator assembly can be ordered from Marson Machining Ltd.

Adapters can be designed to attach the casing handler to the customers equipment.

The following images and video show the prototype unit


ARS casing manipulator, mounted on a telehandler and a 1000mm casing, shown in the horizontal travelling position


ARS casing manipulator, mounted on a telehandler and a 1000mm casing shown in the vertical position


ARS casing manipulator, showing the two rotational hydraulic cylinders, pivoting links and replaceable die plates. The die plates are also used in the ARS casing guide/clamp assemblies.

ARS casing manipulator showing part of the hydraulic system. The round accumulator can be seen in the lower foreground. Above, the accumulator is the 12/24Vdc selector valve and the two counterbalance valves for the hydraulic cylinders.

The selector valve is only required if the carrier unit (in this case, a telehandler) has only two available hydraulic supply lines (one circuit). Four supply lines are recommended (two circuits), allowing the simultaneous use of the grab and rotational functions.

ARS casing manipulator, mounted on a telehandler grabbing and carrying an 1180mm casing in the horizontal position to the repair bench

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